Visions of Women – Domestic Violence Child and Youth Services

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Date and time
Saturday, February 17 · 12 – 2:30pm EST

Richland Library Lower Richland, Garners Ferry Road, Hopkins, SC, USA

About this event: Lunch Provided & Prizes
2 hours 30 minutes
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Love Like That “the culture of teen dating”

Join us for an exciting event all about teen dating! Love Like That is a one-of-a-kind gathering where we’ll explore the ins and outs of the teen dating scene. From navigating social media to understanding healthy relationships, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to hear from expert speakers, participate in engaging workshops, and connect with other teens who are going through similar experiences. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just curious, this event is for you!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun. Grab your friends and come join us at Love Like That. We can’t wait to see you there!

For Questions call or text- 803-994-9139 or email [email protected]


We are thrilled to report that our 2023 Domestic Violence through the Arts event with Booker Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center exceeded all of our expectations. Here are the highlights of our success:

  1. A Profound Impact: The event featured moving performances and thought-provoking art performances that touched the hearts of all who attended. The emotional resonance of the day was a testament to the power of artistic expression in raising awareness about domestic violence.
  2. Community Engagement: “🎭Unveiling Shadows” Domestic Violence through the Arts brought together a diverse and passionate community, all united by a shared commitment to creating positive change. The lively discussions and interactions demonstrated the strength of our collective resolve.
  3. Raising Awareness and Empowerment: The event served as a platform to raise awareness about domestic violence and to support survivors. It’s a significant step toward empowering individuals and fostering a climate of change in our society.
  4. Record-Breaking Attendance: We were overjoyed to see such a tremendous turnout. The event was an incredible success, and we are deeply grateful.

As we celebrate this success, we’re already looking toward the future with a renewed sense of purpose.

Visions of Women’s partnership with Molina Healthcare of the Midlands to donate baby items to the community for men and women with children between the ages of 0 to 18 months was nothing short of a resounding success.

This collaborative effort demonstrated the power of community support in action, addressing a crucial need for struggling families.

The donation of diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, Pedialyte, blankets, sweaters, car seats, and breast pumps made a profound impact, bringing relief to parents and caregivers facing challenges.

The outpouring of gratitude from local residents was heartwarming, as they recognized the significant assistance provided to them during a critical period in their lives.

Such partnerships exemplify the positive change that can be achieved when organizations and communities come together to uplift those in need, fostering a more compassionate and resilient society.

Thank you Molina Healthcare for this collaboration to help parents with children.

Our College Tour was a SUCCESS!

Visions of Women, Break Barriers no Boundaries, and Brown Girls of Tomorrow went on a college tour. It was amazing.
We transported up to 13 passengers. Nothing could or can ever stop us. When we arrived to the college everything was prepared and our tour was wonderful. All the girls asked questions about majors, opportunities, and activities offered on campus.
We would like to give a special thank you to everyone who made this day possible. You are greatly appreciated volunteers, parents, and mentors. 

College Highlights

Visions of Women welcomed their newest chapter at PC College. We are humbled to continue our efforts in decreasing domestic violence and unhealthy relationships among young adults through education, support, and leadership. The young ladies had a drive to collect toiletry items, mask, and school supplies for Thornwell Children’s home. Welcome PC College!!!

Visions of Women LU marked their very first FALS event. Lander University sets forth the Fine Arts and Lectureship Series (FALS) requirement to ensure that all students are exposed to a variety of fine arts.Visions of Women Domestic Violence panel was significant in connecting with the community and offering resources for mental health. We would like to give a special thanks to Megs House and our guest we had for the evening. We love our community and we will continue to make a difference in the lives of young adults by making sure they know how to be in a healthy relationship and know the warning signs of domestic violence.

Radio Interview

Press play below to listen to our founder’s interview on the Millennial FM Radio Station

News Interview

Sophia Laico of Carolina News and Reporter interviewed with Dorlisa Adams, the founder of Visions of Women, discussing the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in South Carolina.

For the complete interview and more details, you can visit the link: Read more

Visions of Women 2024 Scholarship Information

Visions of Women gives a scholarship yearly to a college student who has taken the initiative to raise awareness towards domestic violence through education, support, and leadership. The student must also promote healthy relationships. We will announce our scholarship recipient.