Visions of Women – Domestic Violence Child and Youth Services

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Visions of Women (VOW) currently operates in South Carolina as a nonprofit organization. VOW’s mission is to educate, support and lead to raise awareness towards domestic violence and promote healthy relationships.

VOW nonprofit raises awareness towards domestic violence and works to see improvement on college campuses and in the community by educating on the importance of healthy relationships. This organization believes that love and kindness is important to thrive and not promote hate or violence. 

By having a relationship with God and believing in His son, Jesus has lead leaders to fulfill the work of advocating against domestic violence and providing resources for healthy relationships. As we were given a vision to start a women’s support group on one college campus, we have continued to expand and help more women.

In 2014 V.O.W. arose from Mrs. Dorlisa Adams experiences walking to her dorm room and being called by God to start a women’s support group and offer resources to help women going through unhealthy relationships. While continuing to pursue education in Sociology Mrs. Adams started volunteering in the Domestic Violence and homeless shelters as well as seeing the prevalence of unhealthy relationships and their negative impact on students in college. 

During her time at school, it became apparent that herself and young women were not educated on advocating for themselves nor were aware of the cycles of abuse or how to break them.

As such, Mrs. Adams developed a women’s group to provide a safe space for women to learn about and discuss healthy relationships, domestic violence, mental health, sexual assault, and their individual autonomy. This group expanded to become a major activist group on campus-spearheading educational campaigns and outreach on domestic violence, sexual assault, and services available in the community for those experiencing unhealthy relationships.

VOW garnered 501(c)(3) status in 2018 and continues to serve on college campuses in South Carolina. The purpose of VOW being on college campuses is to continue to educate, support, and lead on campus and in the community by raising awareness towards domestic violence and keeping domestic violence a discussion so that all students feel safe and supported.

VOW has broadened their goal in the community off campus, by providing circle groups, mental health counseling services, teen healthy relationship talks, educational outreach, and launching donation drives to secure funds and in-kind donations for back-to-school supplies, food, hygiene products, professional clothing, educational costs, and more for survivors at schools, churches, community-based organizations, and shelters.