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A Call To Action

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On behalf of Visions of Women, we are campaigning against harassment among students who are on college or community campuses with “Watch What You Do and Watch What You Say Campaign.” 

Recently a student was walking out of the store in the community and was called names and the man speaking to her said vulgar things about her shape and appearance. This young lady was scared and thankfully went back in the store where she was able to make a police report. 

The same day of this incident a store employee walked the young lady back to her car. Thank goodness for this compassion. Being that she was still shook up, she knew that she could call our number for resources and encouragement.

Students who are in college and on campuses, when you are alone day or night walk in groups, have your keys out when walking to the car, be aware of your surroundings, and in all emergencies  call 911 and make a report so the incident can be on file. 

On behalf of Visions of Women we are focusing on student safety within communities. 

Through Visions of Women our women’s support group stepped up to check in and speak out with this campaign to make it known to every community that WE WANT STUDENTS TO BE PROTECTED. So please, community residents and those who own businesses please be aware of students shopping at your stores and in emergencies continue to be there for them. Take a moment to make sure there is no Lottering around your place of business.

May all students within the community and on campuses be safe and well. Contact 803-994-9139 if you are a college student and have been harrased in your community. 

-Visions of Women